Luigi Seviroli, an italian composer

Luigi Seviroli is an italian composer. His music compositions, due to their natural dramatic intensity, have been choosen by different movie directors such as Michele Soavi (“Attacco allo Stato”, “Nassirya”), Gianluca Maria Tavarelli (“Non prendere impegni stasera”), Enzo Monteleone and Alexis Sweet (“Il Capo dei Capi” aka “Corleone“, the acclaimed TV motion picture), Alberto Ferrari (“Crimini Bianchi”), Alexis Cahill (“Intelligence”), Federico Rizzo (“Taglionetto” together with the latest “Il Ragioniere della Mafia” aka “the Bookkeeper”, nominated for a David di Donatello 2014 award), Sonia Flores (“Duelo de Pisqueros”).

He also composed the score of several “audio-fiction” aired by the Italian National Radio (RAI, among which are: Dylan Dog, Giovanna D’Arco, Tex, Il Graal, Mata Hari) and of the motion comic “Orfani“, co-produced by Sergio Bonelli Editore and RaiCom (ten episodes air played on RAI4).

Luigi Seviroli is currently involved in other challenging movie projects following international productions such as the thriller “Downhill” directed by Patricio Valladares, “Charlie Charlie” directed by Tony Mercedes, “The Gravity of the Pugilist” (directed by Jorge Mella), “The Second Reign of Night” (an international co-production – Spain and USA – directed by Antoni Sole, the producer of such indie titles as “Zone of the Dead” and “Night of the Sinner”) and “Hidden in the Woods” (a US production directed by Patricio Valladares, where Michael Biehn, the unforgettable Kyle Reese, the Human Resistance soldier in the post-apocalyptic future of the first Terminator movie, is playing the main role).

Nassirya, recording in Sofia with the Bulgarian Simphony Orchestra.