Il Capo dei Capi (aka Corleone)
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Il Capo dei Capi — Tv Series by Alexis Sweet e Enzo Monteleone
Release date : Oct. 25, 2007
Label : RTI


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Original Title: Il Capo dei Capi
English Title: Corleone
Nation: Italy
Year: 2007
Genre: Biography, Crime, Drama, History
Director: Alexis Sweet and Enzo Monteleone
Soundtrack: Luigi Seviroli
Cast: Claudio Gioè, Daniele Liotti, Salvatore Lazzaro
Production: Taodue Film
Release Date: 25 October 2007
A six-part Italian miniseries which debuted in Italy on Canale 5 between October and November 2007. The series was broadcast in the UK in Spring 2013 on the Sky Arts channel, retitled Corleone and split into 12 one-hour episodes.

Plot: Based on a true story. “Corleone” (Il Capo dei Capi) narrates the life of Totò Riina between 1943 and 1993. From a difficult adolescence to his rise to power within Cosa Nostra, passing via the many bloody episodes which saw his ascent.