Intelligence – Servizi e segreti
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Intelligence - Servizi e segreti — Tv Series by Alexis Cahill
Release date : Sept. 21, 2009
Label : RTI


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Original Title: Intelligence – Servizi e segreti
English Title: Intelligence
Nation: Italy
Year: 2009
Genre: Action
Director: Alexis Cahill (aka Alexis Sweet)
Soundtrack: Luigi Seviroli
Cast: Dino Abbrescia, Raoul Bova, Francesco Foti
Production: Taodue Film
Release Date: 21 September 2009

Plot: Filmed in Italy, Romania and Tunisia, Inetlligence – Services and secrets, is played by an intriguing Raoul Bova who plays the role of Marco Tancredi, a former army parachutists retired after a serious accident. A tragic personal story will force the player to return to action, enlisting in the secret service.