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Taglionetto — Movie by Federico Rizzo
Release date : Jan. 10, 2011
Label : Warner Chappell Music


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Original Title: Taglionetto
English Title: Deep Within
Nation: Italy
Year: 2011
Genre: Thriller
Director: Federico Rizzo
Soundtrack: Luigi Seviroli
Cast: Giulio Forges Davanzati, Nino Frassica, Luis Molteni, Giacomo Gonnella, Dorothea Mercouri
Production: Margherita Film
Release Date: 10 January 2011

Plot: A psychological thriller set in a quiet village in southern Italy. Shot entirely in Puglia and in particular in the extraordinary natural set of Salento, the film sees Nino Frassica abandoning the usual comic role to wear the shoes of a police detective to investigate a series of crimes. The main character of the story is the psychiatrist Anna Benanzio, in charge of conducting an appraisal on the young Giovanni Zanardo, arrested for having massacred his entire family.